Vegas band Brumby returns to former stomping grounds for Velour show

Las Vegas-based rock group Brumby has amassed a sizable following here in Provo.

Although the local music scene is accustomed to welcoming touring national acts, the members of Brumby have been known to pack up their van and drive the near 400 miles that lay between Provo and their homes in Vegas, all for a show at one of the city’s local venues. Why, you might ask, has the band taken such a strong liking to the music scene here?

“We lived in Provo for a number of years while we were students,” said Oliver Tingey, the band’s lead vocalist. “After finishing up in there we made our way back to Las Vegas and continued making music as a band.”

“It is always tough for us to decide whether we are a Las Vegas-based band or a Provo-based band because we have such deep roots in both places,” added Tyler Tingey, the band’s guitarist. “Although we bill ourselves as a Las Vegas band, our hearts are still very much in Provo.”

You can catch the band and its signature brand of Western rock at Velour Live Music Gallery on Saturday, backed by artists MMEND and Brother.

The members of Brumby are proud to call the Western frontier home, and it shows in the music they create.

“I think that the Western aesthetic that we channel as a band came largely from where we grew up here in Las Vegas,” Tyler said. “To this day, there is a sort of Wild West, outlaw feel to the land in Nevada and it was something that we brought with us when we came to Provo.”

“That isn’t to say that we weren’t also influenced by our surroundings when we were in Provo,” added Oliver. “There is a really special spirit in Utah and it shines through in the music. Living in a place that is so connected with the outdoors and has so many scenic views, we weren’t at all surprised by how many talented artists have flocked there.”

Between trips to Utah to perform at the Timpanogos Music Festival and returning to Las Vegas to kick off the annual Life is Beautiful Festival, Brumby spent the summer creating new songs for an upcoming release, the band's first expected offering since its 2014 debut EP, “The Westwind Kid.” The band has already finished recording on one song, recorded at the famous Battle Born Studios, jointly owned and operated by members of The Killers.

“Just being in Battle Born to cut a track was a dream come true for us,” mentioned Oliver. “I told myself about five years ago that if I was to ever be making music at that studio, I would be quite pleased with myself. And I am,” he joked.

While the new tracks still encapsulate the Western flair featured in Brumby’s initial release, the new material may also signal a slight departure from what fans are accustomed to.

“There is still a recognizable Brumby spirit, if you will, about the music, but the way that we have been going about our music making has changed,” Tyler said. “We are students of traditional guitar rock and usually look to bands like the Beatles and U2 for inspiration. Recently, however, we have taken inspiration from contemporary electronic music that has changed the way we view the music-making process. You will definitely see traces of that in our new releases.”

Both Oliver and Tyler noted their excitement for Brumby’s Saturday show at Velour. The band, they noted, is excited to play both old hits and debut some of its new tracks.

“People who come to our show this Saturday will get to hear our unreleased tracks for the first time, along with some old hits,” Oliver said. “We want to have a fun show while maintaining an intimate feel with the crowd and Velour is the perfect venue for that.”